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What is a Security Screen?

Why Safe Shield?

Here are some great questions we have been asked over the years. So let us answer them for you or contact us TODAY!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You See Through Safe Shield Screens and Doors?


Yes! Our mesh systems provide a clear view when looking out, while allowing a measure of privacy looking in. Ask for a free estimate and one of our estimators can bring out a viewing panel to demonstrate.


Do Safe Shield Screens Rust?


No! Safe Shield products are made from a T-6 aircraft aluminum and a stainless steel mesh system. All products are also powder coated, assuring years of corrosion-free operation.


Do Safe Shield Screens Fit On My Existing Windows And Doors?


Yes! All of our products are custom made to fit your home's particular needs.


Do Safe Shield Screens Replace My Insect Screens?


Yes! Unlike some manufacturer's Safe Shield offers multiple mesh options to suit your needs. Simply pick the mesh system you prefer!


How Does A Safe Shield Window Screen Open?


All of our screens open for cleaning and in case of emergency with our quick-release lever system, allowing quick escape during an emergency. Ask for a free estimate and one of our estimators can bring out a sample panel to demonstrate.


Does Safe Shield Have An Option For My Doors?


Yes! Safe Shield Offers Entry, Sliding and French Door Options.


Are Safe Shield Screens Pet Resistant?


Yes! All of our products will withstand your pets clawing, chewing or scratching.


Do Safe Shield Screens Help With UV Rays?


Yes! Safe Shield Screens can help reduce UV rays by up to 60%.

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